Home Improvement

Protecting the beauty of your lawn, while making it stronger

It’s hard to imagine a life without a car, almost a necessity in today’s world. One thing that isn’t hard to imagine, is a lack of parking. With a lack of parking, people resorts to rods and lawns for additional parking. Whichever option that is chosen, will leave your streets and lawns damaged over time. With this you may want to extend your drive way, to handle to all vehicles. Though you may be uneasy, with pouring concrete all over your lawn, to solve a problem that may be temporary in the end. Like many home owners, we love are lawn and how it gives our home a welcoming look. But, you still are not one step closer to solving your parking problem. But, this doesn’t have to be this way. You can have the best of both worlds. By reinforcing your lawn to handle the strain that vehicles can put on the lawn. One option that should be considered is that of alternative means, then that of traditional ones. Just because society may have highlighted certain means of paving, does not mean that they are the best every time.

Grass pavers for instance is a new way to reinforce and strengthen the overall surface underneath the grass. Now, how does it accomplish this? The way it is done, is due to the base that is used for the pavement. Made of recycled plastic, large sheets are constructed with individual cylinders that house a number of different filler materials. For instance, you can choose from a number of filler instead of just grass, gravel for instance also works with this method. The base itself can withstand beyond six thousand eight hundred pounds per square inch, making it even stronger when adding the filler material with it. Once the grass has been placed upon the base, it practically becomes invisible to the naked eye. This is how you are able to retain the look of the lawn and provide more parking for those who may need it.

Now there are many other benefits to this method, then just making your ground stronger. This system also has permeable features that can be benefited from. Allowing liquids to pass through, water being one of these. You can avoid having people parking on soft wet grass, now all the water can be drained while providing good traction, this can also help avoid the ground being ripped up, sending mud and grass all over your property. The overall cost of the system has been known to cost often half of the total cost and half the time of installation as well.  The last thing I will touch upon, is that if for any reason, you no longer need the extra parking spot, you can easily remove the base layer and return your lawn to its former state, if you so desire. With all of the advantages and cost effective features, you don’t have to worry about your lawn or having enough parking.