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Paying Electricity Bills in the Age of Expense

In today’s world it is vital for homeowners to seek ways to reduce their gas and electricity bills. As we face a growing environmental crisis, governments are looking for more sustainable ways of generating energy, including renewable energy in the form of home-based solar and wind farms. The problem is that as we make the difficult transition from a fossil-fuel economy to one where sustainability is prioritised, we are simultaneously being hit by higher and higher gas and electricity bills as traditional companies look for ways to maintain their profit margins.

Some governments have lost control of their electricity companies because they have privatised them. While the promise of additional competition in a local market led to these major policy decisions, the reality is that many households find themselves paying more than ever before for the gas and electricity that they use. Fortunately, some electricity companies in NZ are seeing that the way of the future is not in gouging their customers, but in developing a business model that is sustainable.

A Better Energy Future

The truth is that we rely on gas and electrical power for our modern standards of living. Can you imagine a world without electricity? Just look around you at all of the appliances and gadgets you have that currently rely on electricity to work. A world without electrical power is truly hard to fathom.

Clearly, the current situation of gas and electricity companies gouging and overbilling their customers is not only unsustainable in the long term, but it is also hurting the economy. If, for example, companies have to pay exorbitant energy bills for their continued operation, those extra costs are passed on to their customers. In this way, prices simply increase, which places more pressure on household budgets and puts a strain on the local economy. Companies hire less because they cannot afford the additional costs, and consumers simply spend less money. As a consequence, everything slows down and a recession occurs.

So, what would a better gas and electricity company look like? How would it have learned from the many mistakes of its competitors? Consider the following possible features of such a company:


  • Regular discounts that attract new business to break the market stranglehold of their established competitors;
  • No contracts so that customers are free to explore other options if they feel the need;
  • Prompt payment discounts to reward customers who do the right thing each and every pay period;
  • Easy and free reconnections if a customer moves to a new house so there is no more waiting; and
  • Payment that is accepted online.

The Way of the Future

The future is tomorrow, and it is about time that the traditional energy companies took notice of the needs of their customers. An innovative gas and electricity company would understand the needs of customers, provide top-quality service, treat customers with the respect they deserve by not trapping them in fussy contracts, and reconnect gas and electricity easily and for free.