Roofing in the Houston area

When you need roofing done, who do you call? Simple, you call a roofer. Roofing is a difficult and dangerous job, that requires nerves of steel and training. Because, one problem can cause a many more in the future and that’s something you are trying to avoid. Now, how do you find a good roofer […]

Home Improvement

Protecting the beauty of your lawn, while making it stronger

It’s hard to imagine a life without a car, almost a necessity in today’s world. One thing that isn’t hard to imagine, is a lack of parking. With a lack of parking, people resorts to rods and lawns for additional parking. Whichever option that is chosen, will leave your streets and lawns damaged over time. […]

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Offshore living quarters

Does your company find itself in a position where you will be building a facility offshore that will have permanent staff? If so then don’t you think that they will be needing some proper living quarters? Well if that is the case then let me tell you that Gulf Land Structures is the first place […]